The evening’s surprise was young Caterina Maier as Jutta: Performing with such a joy of playing she intonates her delicate part so masterfully, that one can hardly believe to be dealing with a student of the opera studio. No doubt, there is a star rising! Prospectivly one will be able to hear her sing on stages of a very different kind…

Wolfgang Hirsch, Thüringische Landeszeitung, 6/15/2015

It is Caterina Maier (as a member of the Thuringia opera studio) who causes surprise as Lola’s fathers’ lover. For her the composer has probably written the most beautiful parts and arias – and with those she scintillates enchantingly.

Sylvia Obst, Ostthüringer Zeitung, 6/15/2015

By contrast young Caterina Maier causes surprise as the new lover of Lola’s father (…) with highly virtuosic chirping.

Dieter David Scholz, Freie Presse, 6/15/2015

The Jutta is sung by Caterina Maier with her sparkling soprano leggiero and ludricrously high coloraturas.

Friedeon Rosén, Online Merker, 6/28/2015